Until I Loved One Who Was Lost

I saw the world in black and white
I drew a line I never crossed
I kept myself locked up so tight
Until I loved one who was lost

My heart was closed, a sealed spring
My soul was cold as autumn frost
My mind thought it knew everything
Until I loved one who was lost

I was so satisfied with life
My little world seemed primped and glossed
The family, children, man and wife
Until I loved one who was lost

And then my picture smudged to gray
I wanted to walk past the line
I could no longer keep away
From death-defying intertwine

My heart broke open, flowing out
Soul melting under warmth of tears
My staunch beliefs felt blows of doubt
My inner peace consumed by fears

My life on earth became a blight
My world looked bleak and sad to me
White picket fence gone, overnight
A rupture in my family

Multiplied 10 billion times
Amplified 10 billion more
And still my love would pale beside
The love that God is, at His core

And oh, the pain that love must mean
I know a little of it now
A teaspoon of the endless sea
A bead of sweat upon my brow

I didn’t know the love of Him
For whom each child is such a cost
But now I see through eyes so dim
Now that I loved one who was lost

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