The King Dreams

Delon Lawrence- sound engineer; Lee Givhan- executive producer

I have good tidings of great joy. The sequel to The Lamb Wins, the folk cantata based on the book of Revelation released by the Lesser Light Collective in 2013, is done! It is based on the book of Daniel, and it is entitled The King Dreams.

Allow me to give a brief backstory: In 2010, by God’s leading, I began “the Revelation project” working with two 22 year-old rappers from Philadelphia. I know, truth is stranger than fiction. But this is was the divine plan.

As the project began to flow, artists jumped into the stream to contribute. When we released the album in 2013, it included 18 artists, including several great singers, a classically-trained cellist, a videographer, and more. We called ourselves the Lesser Light Collective.

Thereafter The Lamb Wins became a “thing.” Concert touring began, and interest built. We saw God rekindling an interest in prophecy through the arts, and it was life-changing for us as well as those to whom we ministered.

In 2015, plans for a Daniel-based sequel began. This time several new artists wanted to write and play for the album, and so that when the producer arrived in Philadelphia, tracks began to arrive from all over the world.

We threw all we had into this recording. While the LLC doesn’t pay big, we do try to pay the producer, videographer and artists a living wage for their effort. But we’d gone broke. Because the well was dry, many artists contributed their work for free and the producer worked in faith.

Why do we do what we do? Because we believe that beings created in the image of a Creator-God are called to creativity, and that art moves everyone, and that art is evangelism. The enemy of God uses the arts to lead people astray; should we stand passively by? No. We use the arts for their intended purpose.

The Lesser Light Collective is largely comprised of young people in their 20s. They hold the key to imparting the everlasting gospel to the young generation. Speaking as a church member, we pour tens of thousands of dollars into traditional evangelism, but little into our young people. Yet I can testify that these young people are the real deal. They live what they believe and pour themselves out for God and His cause.

I need your help. Will you tell them you believe in them? And will you empower them to spread the message of truth through the arts? The CD is finished, but we won’t release it until we can pay those who sacrificed to bring it to completion. We have set up a kickstarter campaign to raise what we need to launch this project.

Please go to:

No amount is too small or too large.

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