Thank you for your donation. Contributions made to Michael Ministries, Jennifer’s non-profit corporation, are 100% dedicated to God’s service. Michael Ministries has no salaried employees. When you give, you give directly to the need itself. Our current projects include:

1. REACH housing- A Philadelphia church plant of about 40 young people is run by eight interns. Six of them live in a house purchased by Michael Ministries.

2. REACH media- Artists, poets, musicians and filmmakers abound in this young community–thus the formation of a media enterprise. Our current projects include a music CD based on the book of Revelation, a series of videos by poet Lee G on Bible doctrines, a narrated Great Controversy, a narrated Bible story, and many others. Michael Ministries has already provided a state of the art recording studio, but funds are needed for CD duplication, video equipment, and hiring talent.

3. Michael Ministries sometimes donates to other ministries. Past recipients have been The Hope of Survivors and LLT Productions.

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