Still in There, Tim?

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God had given my nephew, Tim McGuire, a dream. His trip to Madagascar as part of his Masters degree in international development put a fire in his bones to start a touring company with an altruistic edge. The tours would help the locals by patronizing their hotels and restaurants, but also facilitate investment in marginalized communities. This way adventurers with means could take meaningful vacations that would leave the local people better off than before they came–a nice mixture of disinterested benevolence and good, clean fun.

Tim had been setting up his company in Berrien Springs, Michigan, and was planning to drive home with his girlfriend Lucero to surprise his family in Orlando. On March 27th, Tim and Lucero began to make their way south in her car. Driving down a two-lane road in Berrien Springs, they saw a van barreling down their lane toward them. Lucero veered left just as the van driver corrected, sending his van sailing into the passenger seat where Tim sat.

As soon as the metal and glass stopped flying, Lucero looked over at an unconscious Tim. Screaming his name over and over, she finally heard his ragged inhalation, as if “coming up for air.” The rescue team used Jaws of Life to remove Tim from the car so he could be rushed to the emergency room.

Thank God that Lucero sustained only minor injuries, but Tim was shattered. Broken femur, broken clavicle, broken sternum, skull fractures, cuts, bruises, torn ear, and worst of all–traumatic brain injury. The close-knit extended family, along with thousands of friends and acquaintances, waited pensively, afraid to breathe, alternately in tears and hope. Speaking for myself, I knew that his strong, athletic frame could overcome the physical injuries. But the brain, the house of personality and character–would it survive? Was Tim still in there?

I think it was about the third or fourth day that my sister Kristin, who had traveled up to Michigan with Tim’s dad Norman to be near their son, posted a video of Tim talking about, of all things, Madagascar. Never underestimate the regenerative power of a vision. Tim was still in there, along with his dreams.

To be sure, Tim has a long road back to health. The effects of the brain injury on his hearing, vision, and short-term may gradually recede. But will they disappear? We don’t know. We do know that he has enough left to do what needs to be done.

But there’s more to this story. Lying in his hospital bed, broken to bits, facing the possibility of permanent damage, Tim lost the will to live. He rued the fact that he’d worn a seatbelt. Then He heard God speak: “The purpose of life is to glorify Me.” The experience rearranged and reframed everything.

Listen, friends. We don’t need all the parts working to glorify God. We can be compromised, broken, and sub-par, and still raise our feeble hand “yes” in response to His call. So let’s do that, right now. Raise your hand, be counted, be part of the moving of God upon the hearts of His children.

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37 thoughts on “Still in There, Tim?

  1. Sue Reply

    Praying for you Tim! God still needs you to carry out His purposes for your life! Hang in there with Him.

  2. D. Burton Reply

    Please God work a miracle in Tim’s life. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  3. Amy Albertsen Reply

    We will certainly be praying for Tim! God has work for him to do!

  4. Michael Scott Reply

    I pray that GOD will give Tim a full healing, and that he continues to trust GOD, serve Him, and glorify Him ??! GOD bless him and his family.

  5. Kristi K Reply

    I am rooting for you, Tim. God bless you, and Jesus loves you very much.

  6. Christie Reply

    Your story didn’t persuade my husband and I to pray for Tim, Kristin, Norm, You. Already committed to praying for him on Kristin’s post on FB…because we understand first hand. My husband, Bob, had a stroke in 1997 that gave him traumatic brain injury and permanent disability. We know what it’s like to lose ‘self’ in that instant…we know what it’s like to struggle, wondering where God was in it all, and coming out the other side realizing He was there with us through every moment! Yes, oh, yes, we’re praying for Tim and all of you. God bless and keep you all in the hollow of His hand, forever…God will, He’s doing it for us as well.

  7. Vivian Castleberg Reply

    Will be praying for Tim’s recovery! My niece’s daughter was in a bad accident several years ago! She had residual problems but she was helped with those symptoms by using frankinsence oil! Her Mom Emily Thurman would know more about that but I think you may know her mother, Ellie St. Clair. Not trying to push anything on anyone just felt impressed to share that info for possible exploration God Bless Tim and all those who love him and are hurting from his injuries! Love to each of you!??

  8. Nan Reply

    “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”
    – ??Isaiah? ?40:31? ?KJV??

  9. Bill Weber Reply

    Tim, know that many are praying for your complete and speedy recovery. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” –Jer. 29:11

  10. Jeff Reply

    “Lord we claim Your promise, You will work ALL things together for good to those who love you, who are called according to Your purpose. We claim that You will fulfill that in Tim’s life. In Jesus name, Amen.”

  11. Betty Wong Reply

    Sorry to hear about your horrific car accident & though it’s going to take some time to recover, God preserved your life so that you can carry out the plans he has for your life and your wonderful vision/dream.

  12. Genilze Chagas Harrison Reply

    We will be praying for Tim.
    “But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture. Mal.4:2

  13. Linda Reply

    Dear God, we are thankful that you spared Tim and Lucero. We are thankful that we are able to come to you in prayer and pour our hearts out to you. We are thankful that you listen to our prayers, even though you know our every need. The process is truly for our good–resting our minds, giving us strength to move forward moment by moment, and rejuevenating our commitment to our relationship with you. Thank you for your time on this earth. It provided us with an example and made it possible for us to have eternal life. Thank you for reminding us that our time on this earth is meant to glorify you.

    We are so sorry for all we have done which was displeasing in your sight and we want to honor you with our lives. You have already worked a miracle in Tim’s life by sustaining him and giving him a new eternal perspective. We are excited about the ministry which will take place; and look to you, our Lord and Savior, to heal Tim completely and give him newness of life. Please be with Tim’s entire family. Guide them and reassure them that you are ever present and that your will being done is the only thing which matters. We know we are “just ordinary people” but we thank you God that you “use ordinary people”. As our prayers ascend to you in the heavenly sanctuary, we plead for your mercy and that you give Tim newness of life in you. Thank you, Lord Jesus!!! We are grateful for these opportunities. Amen.

    Tim, your extended family will continue to lift you up in pray. Much love.

  14. Keri Kirk Reply

    I am certainly praying for your Precious Nephew Tim. May God continue to bring Amazing Healing and Restoration to his mind and body. God is his Great Healer and Physician! “Nothing is too hard for Him!” Jeremiah 32:17 Our eyes are upon God to Fight for Tim in this battle, for the battle is His
    and not Tim’s. We’re going to see what Great things God is going to do for him! 2 Chronicles 20:12,15,17 “Call upon Me and I will Answer and show you Great and Mighty Things that You Know Not!” Jeremiah 33:3
    Behold, I will bring health and healing; I will heal him and reveal to him the abundance of peace and truth.” Vs. 6

  15. Yunes Reply

    Our heavenly Father is a miracle working God, the greatest physician, He’s working out for Tim’s healing in Jesus name amen.

  16. Mitchell Nicholaides Reply

    We’ll continue to pray and thank God for what He’s already done.

  17. Marilyn Nelson Reply

    He is in my thoughts and prayers. God has a plan for his life.

  18. Daniel Parsons Reply

    Amazing testimony of his focus on his mission trip. Many times, life does not make sense. Keeping your family and Tim in my prayers.

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