Stalking the Wild iPhone


When my dog Fred and I stepped into the park for an evening stroll last night, I noticed the pocket where I’d stuck my iPhone had gone empty. Don’t panic I thought, you’ve only taken a few steps; certainly you’ll see it there on the ground. A traipse back and forth yielded nothing, nor did a dash back to the house, nor a dash back to the park as the night fell. Calling the phone repeatedly, I thought at least the darkness would reveal its incoming call-light, but . . . nothing. Then I remembered I had installed Find my iPhone at the advice of a young friend. Had I left it on? Would this really work?

What did I have to lose? My phone?

I dashed back to the house and found the Find My iPhone website, logging into the cloud and then hitting the “find my devices” link. To my shock and delight it brought up a map with a little green circle at my house (for my laptop) and another little green circle at the park. Mike drove me back to the park where I literally searched, computer and portable modem in hand, eyeing the little green circles as they changed positions, trying to approximate where in the grass the phone lay.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 12.24.42 PM

Silly me, I didn’t see the link for “play sound” until well into my search, but that link finally revealed lost lamb—I mean phone—face down behind a tuft of grass.

Okay, tech-savvy types, have a good laugh; but to me this was a paradigm-shifting experience.

Two revelations came:

One- Technology is more and more like God, putting God-powers in the hands of average, even stupid, people like you and me. I remember the days when a lost phone led to a “God knows where it is! Let’s pray!” moment. Now it will be, “Mac knows where it is! Let’s log in!”

Two: Privacy is a thing of the past. They know where we are. They know who we love (google calendar now has undeletable birthday notifications for your entire social media network!). They know what we eat, what we read, what we watch, what we write, what we speak, even what we think. Our only redemption is in living transparently, unashamed of our choices, even those made in the dark.

So let’s live lives clear as sunlight, right up until the moment they come for us and our children. “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me,” Matthew 24:9. Sure, the stakes of following Jesus are high. If you value physical safety and social acceptance above all, you’ll recoil from the risk. But if you cherish love, goodness, grace, and virtue, you’ll walk right into the fire.

Thousands of martyrs echo down the corridor of time that earth is not our home, and that heaven is cheap enough. I join them as I see a great war boiling on the horizon. The world will demarcate into but two classes. The hated class will run for the hills, and while technology will succeed in hunting them down, One greater than technology will make them willing to be hunted.

7 thoughts on “Stalking the Wild iPhone

  1. Fran Reply

    “They know what we eat, what we read, what we watch, what we write, what we speak, even what we think. Our only redemption is in living transparently, unashamed of our choices, even those made in the dark….So let’s live lives clear as sunlight, right up until the moment they come for us and our children. ”

    Very sobering words and a good reminder. The only way to remain transparent and maintain integrity is to “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…”

  2. John Reinsch Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    I totally agree with your points. A further and obvious thought occurs to me with reference to finding a precious item that has been lost (as we all are). My joy at finding my lost prescription sunglasses missing for a week gives me insight into the great joy God and Christ have in bringing our lost souls back into the flock. John R

  3. Michelle Warman Reply

    Thank you for these thoughts tonight Jennifer. They really inspired me to continue to trust Jesus with all of my heart, no matter what befalls…and now you’ve got me thinking; I need to make sure that I know how my “FInd your Iphone works” before I lose mine and it’s no help to me! (After all, I am paying for this!) 🙂

  4. Grace Cox Reply

    And the God who makes us willing to be hunted can also, if He so chooses, jam all of the modern technology so that the hunters will be unsuccessful! 🙂

  5. Kel Naughton Reply

    Jennifer, Thank you again for making and reinstalling the the poignant point that the power of God’s grace is infinitely greater than all of mans collective wisdom. I pray my heart is stayed on Him. For me yet again personally timely thank you for your ministry.
    Pray for your ministry God bless. Kel

  6. Michael Scott Reply

    I know what you’re saying Jennifer, how there’s no privacy at all anymore, especially when you do things online. I’ve been learning a lot more about modern technology because I’ve been using it in college. Now that I’m back in school, I have to use modern technology regularly to do a lot of my assignments, as well as to keep up on important emails that keep me informed during my semesters. I also keep in contact with people by email (but I don’t email people a lot, I usually text them, or sometimes call them). I’ve finally started buying things online, but I only do that through one online company to keep my level of risk down. We have to trust GOD and have faith in Him to protect us. Everything we do, online, offline, etc., should always be done prayerfully. We should always seek GOD’S guidance in all our decisions. I don’t believe GOD will allow us to be found by those who hunt us with high-tech devices when we run into the wilderness. Yes, He will allow some of us to be put in prison, and some to even be killed for standing up for Him, but “all things work together for good for those who love GOD”, and the good work which He began in us, He will bring to completion until the day of JESUS CHRIST!” So long as we put GOD first in everything, modern technology won’t bring us down, for there is a proper use for it, as their is for all good things.

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