Shifty Shades of Nay

Elderly-CoupleI’m very grateful today that I don’t have to pay Shifty Shades of Nay any mind. Perverted sexuality doesn’t impress me. Anyone can plagiarize and twist someone else’s creation. Anyone can create a cheap spin-off and mass produce it for filthy profit. Anyone can attach like a parasite to something living and suck a little blood. This is all perverted sexuality is; a decrepit shadow of the original masterpiece.

God’s creativity takes my breath away. Sex as God intended pulsates with genius. Did you know that while penises differ in size, the erect penis has little size variation, thus making it unnecessary to ensure the parts will “fit” before the sacred commitment of marriage?

Sorry if you’re blushing, I just had to share that.

Did you know that the intense pleasure of sex can cause a “dopamine hangover” with attendant boredom and irritability, but that the oxytocin produced in close emotional bonding, such as found in a committed, monogamous relationship, helps ride out the ebb and flow of dopamine?

Did you know that the behaviors of pair bonding typically found in marriage—skin to skin contact, eye contact, kissing and cuddling—neurochemically protect against infidelity? That prolactin, the “monogamy hormone” increases in men with pregnant wives and subdues the effect of testosterone, the “prowling hormone”?

Did you know that science proves that when couples keep sex sacred, they tend to have happier lives, less mental illness, more vigorous physical health, more stable finances, and better sex?

In creating human sexuality God gave us a stunning metaphor of Christ’s love for the church. Like a tender plant it should be cherished and guarded from thoughtless, crushing boots. Like a great masterpiece it should be cordoned off from thieves. Like a kidnapped child it should be wrenched from the hands of greed and placed back in the loving care of the One who sacrificed to give it life.

14 thoughts on “Shifty Shades of Nay

  1. Sally atari Reply

    Jen- well done. I Don’t have cable or access to much news ( gossip works so well!) and still that I know anything about this new movie is a testament to the days we live in. Come Lord Jesus!
    Interesting facts to be sure!

  2. Nancy Clayburn Reply

    Thank YOU Jennifer! Amen and Amen to the real thing! I reada bit on ADVindicate about this and was apalled at the article. I felt violated just reading it. This is much more real!

  3. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Post authorReply

    Sally, thanks so much for the compliment. Yes, come, Lord Jesus.

  4. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Post authorReply

    Nancy, thanks! I’ll have to check that out on Advindicate. What didn’t you like about it?

  5. April Reply

    I’m still trying to figure out what Shifty Shades of Nay is. When I put it into google, your blog is the only thing that comes up. So….the title means nothing to me. Your remarks are intriguing/interesting and, your conclusion spot on. We certainly need wisdom, power and love in this shifty world we live in.

  6. David Grams Reply


    You have singularly and honorably “fought back” against the insidious and almost overpowering reach of Cruel Hollywood, and you have championed the graciousness of God in a most striking manner!

    While too many cower and say “We don’t speak of these things”, and while too many others mindlessly grasp the sentiments of this twisted movie, you have taken a stand not unlike Martin Luther and have given the gospel trumpet a certain sound!

    Now, with your permission I’d like to paste and post (with due credit!) your inspiring little blurb so that other’s might have ammunition to at least slow down the ugly and vicious attacks from the movie industry on our pacific society…

    With great appreciation,

    David G

  7. Steve J Reply

    You fixed the spelling (prophet versus profit)! ah well. I got a kick out of your (emailed) statement: “Anyone can plagiarize and twist someone else’s creation. Anyone can create a cheap spin-off and mass produce it for filthy prophet” as it reminds me of EGW the Great Plagiarist. And how appropriate that you used ‘filthy prophet’…lol

    We rather enjoyed the movie this past Valentines Day. 50 Shades of Grey. Quite titillating…

  8. Jane Sirignano Reply

    Dear Jen,

    I really appreciated your views and your science facts. Thanks for having the courage to write this post.

  9. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Post authorReply

    April, it’s a play on words, rhymes with “50 Shades of Grey” a recent movie glorifying bondage/submission sado-masochistic sex. If you don’t know what that is, don’t find out. Your innocence is a great thing. I only know about it because I counsel people who have been harmed by it.

  10. Fran Reply

    Short and to the point article. Well written and appreciated, as usual. Citing some resources would’ve been good so I don’t pass on the info as word-of-mouth. I did read the ADVindicate article and appreciate the expressions there as well, however, it probably gives more information/details than some Christians would care to know about. That just tells us the disturbing the times we live in are. I work in NYC and it’s hard not to know about this stuff especially since my co-workers are quite vocal and discuss quite a bit (and loudly) about what they are watching and reading–I generally walk out, when I can, when it gets beyond my threshhold.

  11. Michael Scott Reply

    I really enjoyed this article about human sexuality! It’s really nice to read about sexuality in a most positive way, very unlike the way that the world talks about it. I liked the very interesting facts that I read, and I love the way GOD was praised concerning the pure gift of righteous sex between married couples, which doesn’t involve sin and perversion. I just turned 43 February 6, and there have been many times that I’ve worried about whether or not I’ll ever have a wife and children. I’m focusing on my relationship with GOD right now, and I’m praying to Him to help me to have total faith and trust in Him when He says to put His kingdom and righteousness above all things, and He will add all other things (good things that are according to His will for my life)to me. I so much want to have the right woman, the woman that GOD has for me to be with; and I want to patiently wait for Him to lead me to that woman, and to allow Him to prepare me for that wonderful future relationship by allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to transform my mind so that I become more and more like JESUS. Then I’ll truly be ready for GOD’S wonderful gift of a godly woman who will be my partner; then I’ll be ready to eventually have children with her; then I’ll be ready to be a godly husband and father who will raise my children the way GOD wants me to!

  12. Melody Ellysse Reply

    Beautiful….I was close to tears reading this. You are so right. It’s tragic that among God’s people, we do not understand the benefits and beauty sex in it’s purest form, and that it is sacred and the greatest gift from the creator marriage. This is why we are so willing to sacrifice everything and at “all costs,” enjoy the pleasures of “lust” that only last a season, blind to the fact that the consequences affect generations. The phenomenal, mind-blowing intimacy and oneness, beyond our wildest dreams, that are the blessing of the undefiled marriage bed is seldom, if ever, experienced by so many couples. Instead, oh the pain and misery, destruction of families and spiritual death that results because so many, mostly our men, will not heed the warnings, lay hold of wisdom, and do it God’s way. They think the cheap thrill they experience from illicit/immoral sexual activity is the “BEST” and become addicted to it with no idea as to what they are REALLY missing. We’ve settled for the counterfeit for so long hardly anyone knows about the “real deal” when it comes to sex. Mention God, the Holy spirit in connection with it or, sex as sacred and automatically “turn off”, “prude” etc, may come to mind. That’s because of our perversion. It should be just the opposite and illicit a positive response. Truly a re-wiring and newness of mind is needed among us. We ARE destroyed for lack of knowledge. We’ve been mis-educated to think things associated with God and holiness are boring, non-fulfilling and unexciting. And now STDs are almost epidemic among older people. 60 & 70yr old grannies & grand-pa’s who should be examples of committed, stable, long-term monogamous marriages are divorced and so promiscuous they have to be warned to wear condoms! Aren’t these hoary heads supposed to be the sources of life experience and wisdom, baking cookies and taking the kids fishing & camping? It’s not just our children that are in need of some true “Sex Education.” If something doesn’t give this prevailing sin of licentiousness WILL destroy us as a church. I pray we’ll get it right….SOON!

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