The Chocolate Coin

Peace on Earth!

I have a special gift for you this holiday season. It’s a story from the archives of my extended family, written by my mother, Jill Pritchard Wilson. The story will help reset our holiday priorities. This season is, at its best, about giving. But it’s a special kind of giving; it’s self-sacrificial giving, giving till there’s nothing left for me. That’s what Jesus did, and that’s what this beautiful story, pasted below, brings to mind.

 Speaking of stories, I have an announcement. The David Asscherick/Nathan Renner biography, Twice Upon a Time, is at the press! It should be ready for resale by December 25. Now, some of you will want to buy it as a Christmas gift. What I’m willing to do is send a card announcing that the gift will be drop shipped by the first week of January. Then of course I would ship it. That way the recipient will get something before Christmas.

For those of you who know not what I speak of: David Asscherick and Nathan Renner are two pastors who came to the Christian faith in young adulthood. The unique factor is what they came through–punk rock culture, specifically straightedge punk culture. The book is written in a straightforward journalistic style that lets the story speak for itself. In other words, it’s not a preachy book, it’s a human interest book–perfect for people who don’t want to hear preaching, but may be open to how God works in the experiential realm. The book gives a powerful sense of how God weaves Himself into our journey, often unbeknownst, meeting us where we are and leading us through apparent happenstance to the Light.

Attached find the Michael Ministries Christmas catalog. If you can’t open it, email me back and I’ll help you. You can print it out and fill out the order blank or just order online at my website:

And now for the story! Enjoy, and have a blessed holiday:

 The Chocolate Coin

By Jill Pritchard-Wilson

It was Christmas morning at our home and three year-old granddaughter, Alison, watched wide-eyed as each family member opened gifts—taking turns as was the family custom. Little sister Kimberly was equally enchanted with the wonderment of the occasion, mimicking Alison’s every expression.

Alison chose her first gift, a tiny package from her uncle Scott. To her infinite delight it was a bag of foil-wrapped chocolate “coins.” Well-disciplined by her nutrition-conscious parents not to overindulge in sweets, she carefully tucked the coins in her pocket where they would remain until a special treat time determined by Mother.

The next evening we all went to a local restaurant. As we finished our meal, I noticed that Alison was especially quiet. I realized she was industriously tearing her paper napkin into small squares. She then withdrew the little bag of coins and carefully wrapped each coin—all but one—in a square (the one saved was understandably for Alison). Finally, she proudly announced that it was her turn to be the giver.

The first tiny present went to Uncle Scott who feigned surprise at the contents. The presentation continued to Stuart, Kristin, her mom and dad, and Papop (grandpa). Suddenly, a look of alarm and dismay flashed across her face as she discovered she was one gift short. She looked at me then at the unwrapped piece she had saved for herself. Without a word, she tore off another piece of paper and with her hands held beneath the table top so that no one could see, she carefully wrapped the silver dollar-sized chocolate coin. “Here Grandy” she said, “Here is your Christmas present.”

The little gold coin rests on my desk where it will remain a daily reminder of the true spirit of Christmas. It represents the most precious gift I received.

Addendum: My mom still has the coin, twenty years hence.

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