Michael Ministries is the non-profit corporation that “umbrellas” Abide Counseling, Jennifer Jill music and seminars, and The Lesser Light Collective. As a 501 c-3 we have served people in these capacities for the past 20 years, all over the world. We are now moving into a phase of local community service.

In 2015, Jennifer applied for Wells Fargo’s Community & Urban Stabilization Program (CUSP) to receive a distressed property. In 2016 she received a distressed property in Bithlo, Florida, which a team hired by Michael Ministries has since renovated. When the property sells, it will be put into a fund for further community service.

One aspect of this community service will hopefully be providing housing for artists who have worked with The Lesser Light Collective. The first recipient we have in mind is Neville Peter, a singer and musician who is blind. Neville performs and records music to provide for his wife and child. We consider him a worthy recipient of help due to his disability, and have hopes of finding and renovating a house locally which will be then gifted to him.

Another aspect of this community service will be a local home to house an Abide Counseling intern. The house will also provide a safe place for victims of human trafficking. Our grant writer, Timothy McGuire, has submitted a grant proposal for renovation costs for this project, and we hope to receive a property donation from Wells Fargo or other source.

Should you wish to help with these projects, simply click here -> to donate online, or send a check to: Michael Ministries, 5832 Conner Trail, Orlando, FL 32808. Make sure to mark your donation either “Neville house” or “Safe house” to designate its purpose.