Jesus for President

Shane Claiborne’s clever book title says it all.

But Jesus tried that. He was President, King, and Head of State of Israel from the time of the Exodus until the Babylonian captivity. And in spite of His power and perfection, His presidential experiment failed. Sadly, Israel and Judah so totally rebelled against Him that He ultimately gave them over to their idols. Israel came under the tyranny of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and then Rome, never fully recovering from tyranny of one kind or another. How ironic; earthly Israel, refusing to be governed by the most compassionate and fair of Kings, found itself in bondage to despots. The rubble of Jerusalem became the crash-and-burn site of the grand theocracy experiment.

Think about it: If God’s presidency failed at saving a nation, whose could succeed?

Since then, no nation has ever been invested by God with theocratic power. He has cleaved church from state. He has declared that we should obey civil magistrates in civil matters, but yield our inmost souls to God alone (Matthew 22:21). Civil powers may govern behavior, but not the conscience. Not until Jesus comes back with his ten thousand times ten thousand cabinet of angels, not until He appears as President of Presidents, will God again establish theocracy.

Theocracy will succeed the second time around. Why, when the same King rules? Ah, but the new variable will be those ruled. They embody the law. They love the Lawgiver. They need no external pressure or imposing force. “Your people shall be willing in the day of Your power,” Psalm 110:3. The people of the second theocracy will be willing. They will, of their own volition and initiative, and from overflowing love, live righteously.

This is how I boil down the message of the theocracy: If God can’t change the world from the outside, no one can. The only hope for this world is renewal of the heart.

This Tuesday, over 100 million U.S. voters will pour into booths, most of them believing that the right president will restore this tattered nation. He will. But only when He first restores us.

Jesus for president.

6 thoughts on “Jesus for President

  1. Jane Sirignano Reply

    Super duper Jen! Is this going into SSNET? Great history lesson. Thanks Jen!

  2. Delon Lawrence Reply

    I rest my case. Agree 100 percent. Are you voting Jen? It’s interesting Jen that you have told us that ur a republican. The crazy thing is, when I look at the guy on ur side, I have to disagree with you. The Jen I know is not a republican. She is too loving to be that. Tiff said she is a democrat by heart. Really? I told her to check out her party’s philosophy and tell if that is true. She then said she is an independent. Republican and Democrat are no different from white and black magic, yin and yang. They are both illusions of greater and lesser evils. In the end both of them is leading us to one place—-Rome.

    In this day and age we need to realize that voting is a waste of time. We ought to be out campaigning for Jesus while the world campaigns for their lower case god.

  3. Kerly Loraine Abad Reply

    Dear Jean,

    Thank you for so wonderful lesson through this message “Jesus for President.” I take this message very personal because I was experiencing a painful situation with someone who I love, and I am strongly agree that no one can change the world, only God through healing our hearts.

    God bless you, and your family,

    Lory Abad

  4. Susan Willis Reply

    So so powerful. It healed my election depression and revealed a pure principle so needed to combat all the negative and deceitful rhetoric. God bless you. I am forwarding this on and on!

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