A Thousand Year Therapy Session

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I’m talking about the millennium, that thousand-year period after Jesus comes, before the earth is finally made new. It will be a powerful, enlightening, and dare I say, therapeutic time.

Heaven will feature several dramatic, healing reunions. Imagine this one: David and Uriah. You remember how David lusted over Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, ultimately taking advantage of her and when she came up pregnant, secretly having Uriah killed? Uriah, knowing nothing of the murder plot, loved and revered David till his dying breath. Can you imagine their first encounter in glory?

Uriah- David! My king! Praise God!

David- Uriah! I’m glad to see you too (embrace). But, uh, we need to have a chat. There’s something you don’t know. Remember Joab’s command that you fight in the forefront of the hottest battle?

Uriah- Yes! It was my honor to lay down my life for my God, my king and my country!

David- Yes, I know, Uriah, but there’s something I must confess . . .

Can you imagine the reunion between Paul the Apostle and the martyr Stephen, stoned because of Paul and other instigators, Paul standing by watching in satisfaction?

Stephen- Wh. . . you? You’re here? You??

Paul- Yes, me. And it all began with seeing your face, Stephen. No shred of resentment on it though we rained down rocks upon you.

Stephen- I saw the Jesus standing at the right hand of God, Saul.

Paul- I saw Him too, a little bit later on the road to Damascus. Do you have a minute? I’ll tell you about it . . . oh, and call me Paul . . .

Heaven will be a time of great rejoicing. But some things will need to be “processed.” For instance, have you ever considered how God will deal with unresolved tensions between His people? Most of our stories aren’t so dramatic; conflict of a more ordinary nature arises between us—a theological argument here, an interpersonal disagreement there. Most of them don’t involve adultery, murder or martyrdom. Still, they eat away at our peace and beg to be resolved. But what if we fail to resolve them before Jesus comes? Will we avoid each other in heaven? Say, “I forgive you but I just can’t trust you!” and take the long way around the Holy City so as not to have to see a brother or sister?

This happens all the time at church, retreats, and Christian conferences. We do fine sitting side-by-side, listening to sermons or music. We say “Amen” in remarkable synchronicity. But walk down the hall and accidentally lift your eyes at the moment your ex-friend or theological opponent looks at you, and suddenly the peace and harmony dissipate. Perhaps you’d like to resolve the conflict but untimely death prevents it. Or, try as you might, no resolution can be reached. Or perhaps the other is unwilling.

God has planned a therapy session. It will last a thousand years. It’s called the Millennium. Not as in y2k, but as in the thousand years between the coming of Jesus and the earth made new. Read about it in Revelation 20 and 21. It’s all there. Several significant things will occur during it, including the imprisonment of Satan (Rev. 20:2), the resurrection of the just (Rev. 20:6), and collaborating with God in reviewing the cases of the lost and fallen angels (1 Cor. 6:3). I personally believe God will work with us to answer difficult theological questions. I think He’ll also sit down with those of us who have wounded feelings toward one another and patiently help us to resolve those issues for time and for eternity. It is after the thousand years that, “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,” (Rev. 7:17).

Am I saying we should postpone our duty to “live in peace”? (2 Cor. 13:11) Should we procrastinate on that tough conversation or heartfelt apology? No! That would be cowardly. But let’s face it, there are Jesus-followers who, for one reason or another, don’t—and can’t—experience the full relationship healing they long for.

If I as a counselor held a thousand year therapy session, I would earn about 438 million dollars. Jesus will do it like He does everything—without money and without price. Praise our Heavenly Therapist, our Divine Psychologist, our Wonderful Counselor!

PLEASE watch this lovely video entitled “A Thousand Years.” That’s my dear daughter, Alison Brook, singing. I wrote the song. A.J. Pastor plays violin, Justin McLaughlin shot the video and Delon Lawrence engineered. Stay tuned for our The Lamb Wins kickstarter campaign, due to start in just a few days. Don’t know about The Lamb Wins? Check it out (and like it!) on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thelambwins?fref=ts

Here’s the video again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn1URINJJeM

6 thoughts on “A Thousand Year Therapy Session

  1. Steven Wood Reply

    Thank you Sis! I love, love, love the message in this song as well as the singing. Thank you!

  2. Luis Reply

    Cool, this is a new insight for me on what’s to occur during the 1000 years. I can see it. Very interesting. Thank you

  3. Martin Weber Reply

    Great article, Jen. Great song too!
    I’ve never associated the word “therapeutic” with the millennium, but it fits beautifully! Indeed, the tree of life will serve as a center of healing for the redeemed during the 1,000 years (Rev. 22:2). Thanks for that wisdom!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    thank you for this e-mail and for the video. I have watched it several times and couldn’t help but cry. I couldn’t agree more with the part: “I want to be with Jesus, I want to cry the tears that flow down FOR THAT WHICH MIGHT HAVE BEEN…” I clearly understood this concept five years ago when my brother-in-law, J, died. What a life of resistance and rebellion he lived. And how hard I’ve tried to reach him. My last effort consisted of, prayerfully, creating a family photo album with comments where it clearly showed that he was loved and accepted. I sent the album over on the other side of the continnent where he lived, and I had also included a small gift for him.

    A few weeks after I sent the parcel, he fell from a ladder and died. I asked my sister about the album… She said he refused to look at it. He also refused the gift. Words cannot express how I grieved. It was then that I understood what the 1000 years will be all about. About the tears…. “for that which might have been”. My desire is to use a portion of 1000 years reviewing J’s inner life and watching all the heaven’s recordings of his soul. I want to see what went wrong, when and why? At one point he seemed to be so close to surrender… our hopes were high… but years went by and he progressed from bad to worse. Yet, Christ’s love for him remained strong! Refusing to let go off of him.

    Oh, what J’s life “might have been…” What his future in Christ “might have been…” Before his funeral, I instructed my sister to put a small gift I had sent, into his hand and burry him with it. I wanted him to wake up and know right away that he was loved. That we fought for his salvation with all our strength. When I think of it, the tears start flowing… it will have to be Christ to remove them. I know He will… after He removes His own.

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