A Mother in Israel

John Millea, Lee G, and Hillary Blair at The Lamb Wins booth

It was decided. The Lamb Wins team would attend the Generation of Youth for Christ conference to share our new musical project.

“We’ll sell thousands of CDs!” Delon proclaimed.

“At least!” said Justin.

I tried to deflate them a little with, “Let’s be realistic . . . “ but they countered with, “No, let’s not!”

“I don’t want you to be disappointed.”

“We won’t.”

So we went.

And we weren’t.

At one point, David Asscherick said to me, “I love your little posse!” referring our team—Delon Lawrence, Justin McLaughlin, Lee Givhan, John Millea, Matthew Redendez, David Kim, Hillary Blair, and my daughter Kimmy Schwirzer. I thought, I love my little posse, too.

I often ask myself how I ended up here. I led out in the production of a musical cantata based on the book of Revelation with two rap artists from urban Philadelphia, an Asian cellist who played for the Hong Kong Philharmonic, and a gaggle of other musicians, most of them less than half my age and way, way outside my demographic. Truth is stranger than fiction. The bonds we form along the path of life can sometimes surprise us.

On The Lamb Wins website, I’m listed this way:
Jennifer JIll Schwirzer- executive producer, composer, songwriter, singer, guitarist, pianist.

I would like to add: Mother in Israel. I think of all the roles I play, this is the most essential. In his process of pitching The Lamb Wins to the people sauntering by our booth, I overheard Delon say multiple times, “Jennifer Jill Schwirzer is the mastermind behind this project.”

I’m not sure I’m the mastermind, but through the grace of God I may be the masterheart, the way a mother is the masterheart of a family.

God ordained the church to be many things, the most essential being a school where we learn to love and be loved. In this process, we form relationships and play roles that resemble the nuclear family. Jesus said it one day in Galilee. He had begun to heal and teach, drawing the masses and generally creating a stir. His mother and brothers arrived, perhaps to help settle Him down a bit, but they couldn’t get to Him for the crowd. Those near Him announced the arrival of His family. Here’s what He did next:

“But He answered them, saying, ‘Who is My mother, or My brothers?’ And He looked around in a circle at those who sat about Him, and said, ‘Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of God is My brother and My sister and mother,’” Mark 3:33-35.

Jesus wasn’t in any way renouncing His blood family, He was simply affirming His spiritual family. And beautifully, elegantly, revealing the nature of the community of believers known as “the church.” In God’s plan, the church is a place where the most intimate of bonds are formed. It is a place where the social needs of social beings, created in the image of a social God, find their fulfillment in relationships that will last forever.

University of Chicago professor John Cacioppo says that loneliness has doubled from 20 percent in the 1980s to 40 percent today. Apparently the uber-connected Facebook generation is . . . disconnected. Ironic that social isolation should increase with social networking, but it has. In fact, studies show that “Facebook Use Predicts Declines in Subjective Well-Being in Young Adults,” some of which involves feelings of loneliness.

More can be said on this issue, but suffice it for now to say that Facebook probably won’t cure your loneliness. Unless you use it this way: Search for a vital, Christ-centered, active, Bible-honoring church near you and start attending. Get involved in service, outreach, and searching the Scriptures. In the process you’ll most likely form bonds that just may become your very own posse. The experience of mothering two biological children trained me in an art that I’ll use the rest of my life. The community of believers in Jesus affords me endless opportunities to use this training.

My name is Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, and I am a mother in Israel.

10 thoughts on “A Mother in Israel

  1. Jennifer JIll Schwirzer Reply

    Joseph, you’re funny. Okay, I’ll adopt you, too. Might as well, I have about a thousand other children to feed. I know about the glowing screen problem. If I spend too much time on facebook, I feel the depression slide in.

  2. Dorothy Reply

    Thank you for the inspiration. As soon as I grow up, I’m going to become a Mother in Israel!! Soon, very soon ;))

  3. Aron Crews Reply

    God ordained the church to be a family. The American church has lost this. The Holy Spirit is itching, anxiously waiting to pour out the righteousness (right relationships), peace, and joy of God’s kingdom into His church (Romans 14:17). Right answers and actions are the natural flow of right relationship. God’s covenant is family. The loving cords of the covenant are found in the bonds of a man (Hosea 11:4). The three bonds or cords would be: parent-child, sibling, and spouse. You are a modern day Deborah (Judges 5:7), fulfilling God’s covenantal desire. Keep creating belonging, joy, and peace wherever you are and God will increase your tribe!

    Love the CD by the way. I have listened to it through maybe 10 times. And individual songs I’m sure over 40 times!

  4. Jennifer JIll Schwirzer Reply

    Aron, thanks so much for this rich comment. I love what you said about the loving cords of a covenant, about righteousness being right relationship, and about the three cords being three life cycle phases. Beautiful!

  5. Your blood brother Reply

    Still looking for My posse, but willing to help Yours as well! What the World needs is doers like You, but at a technical level to solve the World’s energy concerns… Gods fossil fuel contract is expiring, We have the technology to begin conversion to Geo-Magnetic Power, but very large oil profits seem to be in the way… I’m guessing I’m gonna have to get up there with a telescope/camera to get better photos of this hidden technology that’s currently in polar orbit around the Earth… My Musher begins the Yukon Quest in 10 days, Jean-Denis Brittan is the only one that’s willing to give it a try by mushing over the Arctics floating ice pack to the North Magnetic Pole to take measurements and photograph the prototype tether generator that is orbiting. I also suspect that We will run into the ground reciever ship that the orbiting HAARP system is projecting microwave energy at to be converted back into electrical energy… Many think I’m crazy, but this is what God has told Me to do! Thanks for Your support Sis, I’m proud to be Yor blood!

  6. Tom Kohls Reply


    Loved the thought of a masterheart…that’s a keeper, and maybe a book or seminar title! I agree that FB does not take the place of church or face to face relationships, but it somehow keeps us connected in a way that the “Family Time” and other bulletin annoucements fail to do. I think we need balance with our technological lives and “time out.” The rule here is no phones at the dinner table, and when we take walks or bike rides as a family, they get shut off. For my daughters that can be like withdrawal from a drug, but I think it helps them “focus” and actually rest, and not just give in to the constant distraction of notification beeps. Also, by the way, when our family gets together we still sing and make music without the technology! Tom

  7. Jennifer JIll Schwirzer Reply

    Tom, thanks for your reply. Great rules with your family! We do a thing when we go out where the first person to look at their phone has to buy dessert for everyone else.

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