Kickstarting Alison Brook

I know I’m a terribly doting mother, but I can’t help but be proud of this little songbird, Alison Brook, who happens to be my daughter. She’s planning her second CD after her debut, No Words, which blessed many all around the world.

Instead of my usual blog this month, I’m forwarding Alison’s kickstarter page. This is how kickstarter works: For one month only you can make pledges; if she raises all the money, kickstarter will collect on the pledges. If she doesn’t meet her goal of $6500, she loses it all. Pretty all-or-nothing, huh? Fortunately, we can do this! As Joshua said, “We are well able to take the land!” If we work together, the new CD will become reality this month. Think of it this way: If the roughly 3000 who receive this blog pledge about $2.50 each, we’re golden. If 300 respond with $25 each, or if 30 give $250 each, that’s just as good.

Please, my friends–I’m now indulging in shameless mother hen fundraising–pray about what you can give, then give generously to this sweet singer in Israel.

For just about any donation, you’ll receive a gift from Alison. Free downloads, a homemade craft, or, for the high pledgers, your own personal Alison Brook song or even a house concert. But your greatest incentive is to be on the ground level of a CD that will impact thousands of lives, and to support and encourage a young woman who has dedicated her life to writing, playing, and singing for Jesus.

Okay, mother hen will stop clucking if you start clicking on the links below.

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