8 thoughts on “MY SHOP

  1. Chris Pack

    Hi I am the person from North Carolina who gave you my book A Tale of Two Sisters. I have since become a grandma and was wondering if you still sell the Thy Word Creations. One of our church members said they were really good, so I was hoping to get some for my granddaughter. Thanks, Chris Pack from the Carolina Camp meeting at Lake Junaluska

  2. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Post author

    Chris, yes, go to my store, I believe Thy Word Creations are there.

  3. nancy

    Hi Jen, happy Thanksgiving! What album is I would give you Jesus on? And where is the site you can get individual recordings? Thanks, Nancy

  4. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    Nancy, it’s on Soldier of Hearts.

  5. Sallie

    Where is Farmer Michael & I’m a baby koala bear, & all those songs ?

  6. Leslie Caza

    Yes, I would like to buy Song in Your Heart, but the link above just brings me to this same page.

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