Twenty-nine years ago when Jennifer was not yet out of her teens, she experienced what would be called a “radical” conversion from New Age philosophy and practice to Christianity. As a result of her new-found faith, she began to write Christian songs, accompanying herself on guitar. Friends would ask for copies of the songs, and soon Jennifer realized that she should mass produce her recordings rather than do each one individually on her radio shack cassette recorder.

Her music ministry has continued for over fifteen years. Jennifer has to date recorded over one hundred and fifty songs of her own composition. She has given hundreds of concerts all over the U.S. and Canada, and even one tour in Europe, two in Africa and one in Honduras. She has produced five professional recordings that receive air play on radio stations all around the U.S. Three of them are distributed by Chapel records. Over the last two decades her various recordings have sold a cumulative 30,000 copies.

Jennifer’s pen doesn’t stop with songwriting. In addition to her recordings, she has authored three books. Her spiritual autobiography, Testimony of a Seeker, was published in 2000 by Pacific Press Publishing, which also published her second book, A Most Precious Message, in 2001. In 2002 Jennifer’s teen devotional, I Want it All, was published by Review and Herald Publishing. In 2004 A Deep but Dazzling Darkness, co-authored with Leslie Kay, was published. Her latest book on eating disorders, Dying to be Beautiful, was published in 2005.

In 1994, Jennifer began to attend Atlantic Union College, aiming at a degree in religion. From her studies there sprung the seminar Healing Inner Wounds which she has shared in churches all over the U.S. and Canada. More recently she has developed Why God?, a seminar that deals with the things we typically don’t understand about God. And there are other seminars. She has also engaged in youth ministry with her presentation of chastity, called Pure Love. This presentation has taken her all over the world, including Zimbabwe, where she spoke to over 7000 youth of the principles of Christian morality.

The most important accomplishment in Jennifer’s life is a vital walk with God and strong connections to friends and family. She has been married to her husband Michael for 26 years, and esteems family life above all else. Friends come in at a close second. This reality–that the greatest Gift is love–is the core of Jennifer Jill.

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